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The National Health Care for the Homeless Council offers free webinars on a variety of topics of interest to the homeless health care field.

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Consumer Voices Needed for Regional Conversations on Environmental Emergencies | January through April
All events are listed in Central Time. The Council and the National Consumer Advisory Board Steering Committee hare holding regional conversations to learn from individuals with lived experience of homelessness about the best ways to support the unhoused in the event of an environmental emergency and subsequent relief efforts. These conversations, to be held via Zoom, will be highly interactive and will invite participants to share stories about how they and others with lived experience of homelessness have provided support to people currently experiencing homelessness in their communities during an environmental emergency.

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Being Trauma Informed and Its Role in Ending Homelessness
Foundations of LGBTQIA+ Health Care and Homelessness: Terminology, Concepts, and Best Practices
Promoting Safety in Street Outreach
Webinar: Homeless Outreach: A Pre-treatment Guide

Archived Webinars

Creating Healing Spaces: Trauma Informed Design in Medical Respite Symposium, April 3, 2024developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
Assessing Health Management in Health Centers and Medical Respite Programs, , , , March 13, 2024developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite standards-for-medical-respite-care-programs tools-for-medical-respite-providers
Ellen Dailey Advocacy Community Conversation: Health Disparities and Racism, March 7, 2024consumer-engagement justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Building Relationships with Hospitals, , January 25, 2024developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite tools-for-medical-respite-providers
One Life, Too Many. Another Year, Too Long. Homeless Persons Memorial Day 2023, , , December 21, 2023clinical-practice consumer-engagement mortality shelter-health
California Recuperative Care Coffee Chat: CalAIM Check-In, , December 20, 2023developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite
Tobacco Cessation from Evidence to Practice, , , December 7, 2023behavioral-health research-and-data social-determinants-of-health substance-use
Medical Respite Playbook – A Practical Guide for Managed Care Plans, , , November 14, 2023developing-a-medical-respite-program funding-for-hch medical-respite policy-and-advocacy
Medical Respite Programs and Managed Care Organizations: Recommendations for Collaboration and Sustainability, , , , , , October 25, 2023financing-a-medical-respite-care-program healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare medical-respite medical-respite-care-research policy-and-advocacy quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite
Sustainability for Medical Respite Programs: Strategies and Recommendations, , October 18, 2023developing-a-medical-respite-program financing-a-medical-respite-care-program medical-respite
Capacity Building to Increase Health Care Access for People Experiencing Homelessness, , , , , October 17, 2023clinical-guidelines clinical-practice community-health-workers consumer-engagement funding-for-hch healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Self-Care: A Lived Experience Perspective, , July 27, 2023community-health-workers consumer-engagement workforce-development-and-support clinical-practice
Considerations for Tailored Diabetes Self-Management Education and Meal Planning for People Experiencing Homelessness, , June 29, 2023chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus
Community-Centered Approaches to Racial and Social Justice: Change from the Outside In With CCHHApril 20, 2023justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Hepatitis C Virtual Symposium: Primary Care-Based Treatment for People Experiencing Homelessness, , , April 5, 2023chronic-disease clinical-practice street-medicine street-outreach
National Homeless Persons Memorial Day 2022, , , December 21, 2022clinical-practice consumer-engagement mortality shelter-health
Coffee Chat: Updated CDC COVID-19 Guidance & Winter Planning for the HCH Community, , December 20, 2022clinical-practice infectious-disease shelter-health
Community Conversations: Syringe Access and Safer Consumption, , , , December 7, 2022behavioral-health harm-reduction housing-and-housing-first social-determinants-of-health substance-use
Understanding and Preventing Homeless Mortality, , December 6, 2022clinical-practice consumer-engagement mortality
Promising Practices: Providing Behavioral Health Care in a Medical Respite Setting, , November 2, 2022behavioral-health medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite
Lunch and Learn…on the go!, , , October 27, 2022mobile-health policy-and-advocacy safety-and-security street-medicine workforce-development-and-support
Community Conversations: Xylazine in the Drug Supply, , , , October 26, 2022behavioral-health community-health-workers harm-reduction street-medicine substance-use clinical-practice
Addressing Cognition in Medical Respite, October 18, 2022medical-respite medical-respite-care-research
Learning Collaborative: Community Food Mapping, September 29, 2022community-health-workers social-determinants-of-health clinical-practice
BIPOC Wellness Part One: Pathways to PeaceSeptember 23, 2022justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Clinicians’ Network Community Conversations: Harm Reduction Strategies for the Fentanyl Crisis, , , August 31, 2022behavioral-health clinical-practice harm-reduction substance-use
Mobile Health Care Learning Series: September and October 2022, , , , , August 19, 2022clinical-practice funding-for-hch mobile-health policy-and-advocacy safety-and-security street-medicine workforce-development-and-support
Trauma-Informed Environment In Medical Respite, , July 27, 2022behavioral-health medical-respite medical-respite-care-research
Bridges to Better Care: Integrating Data Systems to Streamline Care Coordination, , July 21, 2022clinical-practice community-health-workers research-and-data
Clinicians’ Network Community Conversations: Clinicians Interactions with Law Enforcement, , , , , July 21, 2022behavioral-health clinical-practice justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi social-determinants-of-health street-medicine substance-use
Community Conversations: Working with Children, Youth and Families, , , , April 29, 2022behavioral-health consumer-engagement domestic-violence shelter-health social-determinants-of-health clinical-practice
Two Years On: What the Data Says about Health Centers’ COVID-19 Efforts, , , April 7, 2022clinical-practice infectious-disease research-and-data street-medicine
When Everyone Benefits: Exploring the Roles of Health Care Providers in Law Enforcement Reform, Crisis Assistance, and Public Policy on Unsheltered Homelessness, , April 6, 2022policy-and-advocacy street-medicine street-outreach
Community Conversations: Harm Reduction, March 29, 2022behavioral-health harm-reduction
Supporting Peer Staff Through the Pandemic, , , March 25, 2022community-health-workers consumer-engagement research-and-data workforce-development-and-support clinical-practice
Building Sustainable Partnerships using the Community Centered Health Home Model, , , , February 11, 2022clinical-practice community-health-workers consumer-engagement healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Foundations of LGBTQI Health Service Delivery: Terminology, Concepts, and Best Practices, February 11, 2022gender-affirming-care justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Clinicians’ Network Community Conversations: What does it mean to feel safe?, , , February 9, 2022justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi safety-and-security street-medicine workforce-development-and-support
Homeless in the ED: Partnerships to Improve Care for People without Homes in Emergency Departments, , , , , January 26, 2022clinical-practice healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medical-respite medical-respite-care-research policy-and-advocacy research-and-data
Gender, Homelessness, and Interpersonal Violence: Building Equitable Systems to Support Survivors and Providers, , , January 26, 2022behavioral-health domestic-violence gender-affirming-care justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Promoting Safety in Street Outreach, , , , , , , January 20, 2022best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services mobile-health outreach safety-and-security street-medicine street-outreach workforce-development-and-support
Clinicians’ Network Community Conversations: Working with Children and Families, , , , January 18, 2022clinical-practice community-health-workers domestic-violence policy-and-advocacy shelter-health
A Conversation with Sandra: Bringing Care to the Next Level though Discussion on How to Treat Obesity and Co-Existing Morbidities, , , December 7, 2021clinical-practice mortality severe-mental-illness substance-use behavioral-health
Coffee Chat: Outcomes and Data Collection in Medical Respite, December 1, 2021medical-respite medical-respite-care-research
An AI Analytics-Driven, Integrated Care Model for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness, November 18, 2021policy-and-advocacy research-and-data
Clinicians’ Network Community Conversations: Ethical Quandaries Session 1: Managing Clients’ Romantic Attraction, , November 10, 2021research-and-data safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Housing Insecurity and Health Centers: The Case for Screening and Beyond, , , , November 9, 2021housing-and-housing-first justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi policy-and-advocacy research-and-data social-determinants-of-health
Happy, Healthy Children…In Shelter and in Supportive Housing, , , October 27, 2021clinical-practice housing-and-housing-first shelter-health social-determinants-of-health
2021 Standards for Medical Repsite/Recuperative Care Programs: An Overview of Updates and Changes, October 13, 2021medical-respite standards-for-medical-respite-care-programs
Understanding and Applying SDOH Screening Data to Address Barriers to Health, , , , July 29, 2021policy-and-advocacy research-and-data social-determinants-of-health street-medicine street-outreach
Clinical Issues for Medical Respite/Recuperative Care Programs (Series), July 7, 2021developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
Antigen Testing in Congregate Shelters: Process Outline and Implementation Playbook, April 23, 2021clinical-practice shelter-health
Trust or Trustworthiness: Which Comes First?, , , , April 21, 2021clinical-practice consumer-engagement justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi shelter-health workforce-development-and-support
Discussion Forum: Using Health Center Funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to Improve Care for People Experiencing Homelessness, April 19, 2021funding-for-hch policy-and-advocacy
Supporting Peer Work During a Pandemic, , , April 12, 2021community-health-workers consumer-engagement safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support clinical-practice
Increasing Access to COVID-19 Vaccines Among Homeless Populations: Successful Partnerships Series, , , , April 7, 2021clinical-practice consumer-engagement healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships infectious-disease policy-and-advocacy
Capacity-Building for California Medical Respite/Recuperative Care Programs in Response to COVID-19: A 2020 Retrospective, April 1, 2021developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
Living Through the Pandemic: What CAN You Do?, , , January 29, 2021clinical-practice infectious-disease safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Living Through a Pandemic: How are You Doing?, , , January 22, 2021clinical-practice infectious-disease safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Homeless Mortality and the Impact of COVID-19, January 15, 2021clinical-practice mortality
How to Conduct a Root Cause Analysis for Diabetes Prevention, , , January 7, 2021chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus research-and-data
COVID-19 & the HCH Community: Vaccines for Clients and Staff, , , December 18, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Food Insecurity and Trauma Informed approaches to BMI and Diabetes Care While Experiencing Homelessness, , , December 9, 2020chronic-disease clinical-practice research-and-data social-determinants-of-health
Winter is Coming: Evictions & Social Upheaval, , , , , , November 23, 2020community-health-workers consumer-engagement justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi mobile-health policy-and-advocacy street-medicine telehealth clinical-practice
NHCHC Coffee Break: 30 min do-at-your-desk Yoga for Combatting Exhaustion, , November 16, 2020consumer-engagement safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Winter is Coming: Cold Weather and Disasters, , , , , , , , , November 13, 2020best-practices clinical-practice cold-related-injuries community-health-workers conditions-and-issues consumer-engagement emergency-preparedness homeless-services street-medicine street-outreach
Winter is Coming: Flu & COVID-19, November 6, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease
Organizing Showers & Hygiene Access for People Living Outside, October 14, 2020street-medicine street-outreach
COVID-19 Coffee Chat: How to Be a Single-Payer Advocate During a Pandemic, , October 7, 2020consumer-engagement medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Building the Plane While Flying It: Health Care for the Homeless, Telehealth and COVID-19, Part II, , September 29, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease telehealth
Voting Series Part Two: Mobilizing People Experiencing Homelessness to Turn Out and VoteSeptember 18, 2020consumer-engagement
Medicaid & Managed Care Financing Strategies that Support Medical Respite Care Programs, , , , , September 15, 2020financing-a-medical-respite-care-program funding-for-hch healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare medical-respite policy-and-advocacy
Voting Series Part One: Registering People Experiencing Homelessness to VoteSeptember 11, 2020consumer-engagement
Hepatitis A Vaccination for People Experiencing Homelessness, August 20, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease
Anti-Racism Advocacy & Consumer Perspectives, August 14, 2020consumer-engagement justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Providing Medical Respite for People Experiencing Homelessness during COVID-19, , , , , August 11, 2020clinical-practice developing-a-medical-respite-program infectious-disease medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite tools-for-medical-respite-providers
Building the Plane While Flying It: Health Care for the Homeless, Telehealth, and COVID-19, , August 7, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease telehealth
NHCHC Coffee Break: 15 Minute Yoga, , , July 29, 2020safety-and-security street-medicine street-outreach workforce-development-and-support
Testing for COVID-19 in Homeless Shelters & Encampments: Discussing CDC’s New Health Department Guidance & NHCHC’s Newest Issue Brief, July 10, 2020clinical-practice shelter-health
Rejuvenate Consumer Leadership: Lessons from the Updated Consumer Advisory Board ManualJune 24, 2020consumer-engagement
A Year On: Revisiting PrEP for HIV Prevention, , June 17, 2020clinical-practice hiv-aids infectious-disease
Community Meet-Up on Racism and OppressionJune 12, 2020justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Consumer Experiences in Isolation and Quarantine, , May 29, 2020clinical-practice consumer-engagement infectious-disease
Outcome and Data Recommendations for Medical Respite Programs: Using Data to Tell the Story, , May 27, 2020medical-respite medical-respite-care-research research-and-data
Compounding Oppression: Antiracism in COVID-19 ResponseMay 26, 2020justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Building Resilience for Front Line Providers: What Does “Self-Care” Really Look Like?, May 22, 2020safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Diabetes and Nutrition, May 20, 2020chronic-disease clinical-practice
Organizational Strategies for Supporting the Mental Health & Wellness of Providers & Staff, May 19, 2020safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Addressing the Pandemic in Rural Communities, May 15, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease
COVID-19 Coffee Chat: Continuity of Care for Residents in Permanent Supportive Housing, May 12, 2020clinical-guidelines clinical-practice
Using Telehealth Services for Patient Care, May 8, 2020clinical-practice telehealth
Structuring I/Q Sites for People Experiencing Homelessness: Examples and Guidance from Alameda County’s Project Roomkey, May 5, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease
COVID-19 Coffee Chat: Testing for COVID-19 in Homeless Shelters, May 1, 2020clinical-practice shelter-health
Safer at Home? COVID-19 and Domestic Violence, April 30, 2020domestic-violence shelter-health clinical-practice
Avoiding Civil Detention: Responding to Clients Who Violate Isolation Orders, April 24, 2020clinical-practice severe-mental-illness
Supporting Clients’ Mental Health During Isolation and Quarantine, , , April 17, 2020clinical-practice conditions-and-issues mental-illness severe-mental-illness
The Role of Medical Respite Care in COVID-19 Response, April 10, 2020medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Diabetes and Co-Occurring Disorders, , , April 8, 2020chronic-disease clinical-practice severe-mental-illness substance-use behavioral-health
Reaching Unsheltered People, April 3, 2020street-medicine street-outreach
Clinical Pandemic Response for People Without Homes—Insights from Seattle & King County, March 27, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Community Health Workers in Diabetes Care and Prevention, , March 25, 2020chronic-disease clinical-practice community-health-workers
Coronavirus and the HCH Community: Status Updates, Available Guidance, Local Preparations, and Outstanding Issues, March 20, 2020clinical-practice infectious-disease
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Using Telehealth to Manage Diabetes, , , January 21, 2020chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus telehealth
Public Entity HCH Grantees and Co-Applicant Arrangements, , , , , January 20, 2020clinical-guidelines clinical-practice funding-for-hch healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Case Study on Achieving Level 3, , , December 4, 2019best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services patient-centered-medical-home
Ask & Code: Documenting Homelessness Throughout the Health Care System, , , , October 25, 2019assessment-and-intake best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services policy-and-advocacy
The 2019 Revised Adapted Clinical Guidelines: Medication Management for Patients Experiencing Homelessness Diagnosed with Diabetes, , , , , , October 10, 2019assessment-and-intake best-practices chronic-disease clinical-guidelines clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus homeless-services
Homeless Outreach: A Pre-Treatment Guide, , , , , September 26, 2019best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services outreach street-medicine street-outreach
Tele-Behavioral Health in Homeless Health Care: Why Is It Hard, and What Can We Do About It?, , September 3, 2019behavioral-health clinical-practice telehealth
Homelessness, Health, and Medical-Legal Partnerships, August 7, 2019healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Medical Respite Care Programs & the Triple Aim Framework for Health, , , , August 6, 2019developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite medical-respite-care-research quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite tools-for-medical-respite-providers
Nutrition and Diabetes: How Medical Nutrition Therapy Can Improve Diabetes Management, , , August 6, 2019chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus nutrition conditions-and-issues
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Aging and Homelessness, June 25, 2019street-medicine street-outreach
Implementing HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in a Homeless Primary Care Clinic, , June 19, 2019clinical-practice hiv-aids infectious-disease
Hepatitis A Vaccination Among Persons Experiencing Homelessness, , May 7, 2019clinical-practice hepatitis infectious-disease
Medication-Assisted Treatment in the HCH Community: Strategies for Expanding Services, , , , May 1, 2019behavioral-health clinical-practice medication-assisted-treatment policy-and-advocacy substance-use
Trauma-Informed Cervical Cancer Screening in Women with Experience of Homelessness: Translating Principles Into Practice, , , March 28, 2019chronic-disease clinical-practice mobile-health street-medicine
Safety Planning with Women Experiencing Homelessness, , , , March 27, 2019community-health-workers consumer-engagement domestic-violence street-medicine street-outreach clinical-practice
Forsake Me Not: How HCH Providers Can Deliver Better Care to Pregnant Women Experiencing Homelessness, , March 21, 2019clinical-practice street-medicine street-outreach
Minority Stress: Racism and Women’s IssuesMarch 20, 2019justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Distinct Health Disparities of LGBQ Women Experiencing Homelessness, , , March 14, 2019gender-affirming-care justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi street-medicine street-outreach
Assessing the Needs of Women in Medical Respite, March 13, 2019medical-respite-care-research quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite medical-respite
An Attack on Women: The Intersection of Violence and Homelessness, , , , March 7, 2019consumer-engagement domestic-violence justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi research-and-data social-determinants-of-health
The Nexus of Sex Work and Homelessness, , March 6, 2019research-and-data street-medicine street-outreach
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Adverse Childhood Experiences, , , February 27, 2019clinical-practice domestic-violence research-and-data social-determinants-of-health
Cultural Competency in Medical Education and Clinical Practice, , January 28, 2019clinical-guidelines clinical-practice justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
The Humanism Pocket Tool: Finding the Joy in Treating Challenging Patients, January 23, 2019clinical-practice workforce-development-and-support
Oral Health and Diabetes for Patients Experiencing Homelessness, , , , November 27, 2018chronic-disease clinical-practice conditions-and-issues diabetes-mellitus oral-health
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Family Homelessness, October 24, 2018clinical-practice shelter-health
The Audacity to Be Bold: Addressing Diabetes in the Homeless Population, , October 23, 2018chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus
Housing is Health Care: An In-Depth Look at Denver HCH’s Integrated Model of Care, , September 26, 2018clinical-practice policy-and-advocacy research-and-data
The Role of the Social Determinants of Health in Promoting Health Equity, August 20, 2018justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi social-determinants-of-health
Implications of Medicaid Expansion on HCH Health Centers: Learning from Experience, , August 15, 2018healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Clinicians’ Coffee Chat: Encampments, , , , , July 25, 2018best-practices clinical-practice encampments homeless-services street-medicine street-outreach
Voter Registration and Engagement for the Health Care for the Homeless Community, , July 18, 2018consumer-engagement street-medicine street-outreach
A Trauma-Informed Learning Collaborative: Moving from Theory to Practice, , , , June 13, 2018clinical-practice consumer-engagement justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi research-and-data severe-mental-illness
Interdisciplinary Care and Maximizing Community Partnerships to Serve Youth Experiencing Homelessness, , May 10, 2018clinical-practice healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
HCH Benchmarking: 2016 Uniform Data System Summary and UDS Mapper ReviewApril 30, 2018research-and-data
Administrative Concerns in Street Medicine: Assuring Quality without Sacrificing Mission, , , , , April 23, 2018best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services outreach street-medicine workforce-development-and-support
Minority Stress and Trauma-Informed Approaches, , , , April 17, 2018clinical-practice justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi severe-mental-illness street-medicine street-outreach
Law Enforcement & Homelessness: Forging Fruitful Partnerships, , , , , April 12, 2018healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi policy-and-advocacy social-determinants-of-health street-medicine street-outreach
Somewhere to Heal: An Introduction to Medical Respite Care, March 27, 2018introduction-to-medical-respite medical-respite
One HCH Center’s Framework for a Safe and Healthy Environment, , , , , March 8, 2018consumer-engagement research-and-data safety-and-security street-medicine street-outreach workforce-development-and-support
Making the Connection: Improving the Relationship Between Shelters and Health Centers, , , , March 7, 2018consumer-engagement healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy shelter-health street-medicine clinical-practice
Health Impacts of Weather on People Experiencing Homelessness, , March 1, 2018clinical-practice conditions-and-issues heat-related-injuries
Tips and Techniques to Support Residents Adapting to the Smoking Ban in Public Housing, February 28, 2018consumer-engagement policy-and-advocacy
The Role of Hospitals in Addressing Barriers to Care, , February 22, 2018clinical-practice mortality research-and-data
Employment Support in the HCH Setting, , , February 20, 2018consumer-engagement social-determinants-of-health street-medicine street-outreach
Introduction to the Health Care for the Homeless Model of Care, , February 13, 2018clinical-practice policy-and-advocacy research-and-data
Serving Patients Experiencing Homelessness in Hospital Systems, , , , February 6, 2018clinical-practice healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare mortality research-and-data policy-and-advocacy
Diabetes in Special and Vulnerable Populations: A National Learning Series, , November 29, 2017chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus
Trauma-Informed Organizations Learning Collaborative, , , , November 21, 2017clinical-practice consumer-engagement research-and-data severe-mental-illness workforce-development-and-support
Nutrition and Diabetes: Special Considerations for Clients who Are Unstably Housed, , , November 16, 2017chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus nutrition conditions-and-issues
Street Medicine for Gravely Mentally Ill Patients: Strategies for Establishing Conservatorship, , , , , September 27, 2017behavioral-health consumer-engagement mobile-health severe-mental-illness street-medicine street-outreach clinical-practice
Demonstrating Value: Measuring the Value and Impact of the Health Care for the Homeless Grantees, , June 14, 2017funding-for-hch policy-and-advocacy research-and-data
Financing Medical Respite Care: A Practical Discussion to Ensure Sustainability, June 13, 2017financing-a-medical-respite-care-program medical-respite
Coffee Chat: End Of Life, , , June 7, 2017clinical-practice mortality street-medicine street-outreach
Coffee Chat: Competency & Decision-Making, , , , , , , May 10, 2017behavioral-health clinical-practice conditions-and-issues consumer-engagement end-of-life-care policy-and-advocacy severe-mental-illness substance-use
Immigration Enforcement and Health Centers: Knowing Your Rights as a Provider, , May 3, 2017clinical-practice policy-and-advocacy workforce-development-and-support
Creating and Delivering Presentations that Inspire, Challenge, and Change the World!, , April 27, 2017policy-and-advocacy research-and-data workforce-development-and-support
Coffee Chat: Reproductive Health, , , , , , , April 25, 2017behavioral-health clinical-practice conditions-and-issues policy-and-advocacy reproductive-health street-medicine street-outreach substance-use
Health Reform & the HCH Community: What You Need to KNOW, What You Need to DO, , April 20, 2017healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
From Darkness to Light: Honoring Success and Resilience at the Summer Solstice, , April 18, 2017consumer-engagement street-medicine street-outreach
Preventing and Eliminating Burnout in Practice, , , April 18, 2017best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services provider-burnout
Medication-Assisted Treatment: Changes in Federal Policy Will Help Increase Access to Opioid Treatment in the HCH Community, , , , January 25, 2017behavioral-health harm-reduction medication-assisted-treatment policy-and-advocacy substance-use
Mitigating Risk: Seven Important Things You Need to Know about Volunteer Background Checks, November 9, 2016safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Hope, Transformation, and Post-Traumatic Growth, , November 2, 2016behavioral-health clinical-practice severe-mental-illness
The Abyss: Addiction, Homelessness, and Trauma, , , October 26, 2016behavioral-health clinical-practice severe-mental-illness substance-use
Trauma is the Public Health Issue of Our Time, , October 13, 2016clinical-practice research-and-data severe-mental-illness
Responding to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Tools & Resources for HCH Staff, , , October 12, 2016domestic-violence research-and-data street-medicine street-outreach
Being Trauma-Informed and Its Role in Ending Homelessness, , October 5, 2016behavioral-health clinical-practice severe-mental-illness
Treating Opioid Addiction in Homeless Populations: Challenges and Opportunities Providing Medication Assisted Treatment (Buprenorphine), , August 18, 2016behavioral-health medication-assisted-treatment substance-use
The SPOT: Boston’s New Harm Reduction Program for Opioid Users Forges New Ground, , July 28, 2016behavioral-health harm-reduction substance-use
Hospital Community Benefit Funding: Potential Resources to Meet the Needs of Homeless Populations, July 12, 2016funding-for-hch policy-and-advocacy
We All Do IT: UDS and Reporting Software, , , May 3, 2016clinical-practice policy-and-advocacy research-and-data workforce-development-and-support
Managed Care and Homeless Populations: Linking the HCH Community and MCO Partners, , , April 5, 2016funding-for-hch healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
HCH Quality Leaders: Key Practices and Improvement Strategies, August 30, 2015research-and-data workforce-development-and-support
Optimizing Health Care for LGBT People in Patient-Centered Medical Homes, , , , , August 15, 2015best-practices clinical-practice gender-affirming-care homeless-services justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi patient-centered-medical-home
Effectiveness in Consumer GovernanceJune 25, 2015consumer-engagement
Integrating Routine HIV Testing into Care: Strategies for Improvement and Partnership, , , , June 24, 2015clinical-practice healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships hiv-aids infectious-disease policy-and-advocacy
Adapted Anticipatory Guidance for Infants and Toddlers, , June 15, 2015clinical-practice street-medicine street-outreach
Making the Business Case for Integrated Community Health Outreach Programs, , , , , December 16, 2014community-health-workers funding-for-hch policy-and-advocacy research-and-data street-medicine street-outreach clinical-practice
Web Briefing: Early Impacts of the Medicaid Expansion for the Homeless Population, December 15, 2014medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Web Briefing: Early Impacts of the Medicaid Expansion for the Homeless Population, December 15, 2014medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
A Costing Tool You Can Use: Demonstrating the Value of Services for People Experiencing Homelessness, December 10, 2014funding-for-hch policy-and-advocacy
Living and Working in the Coverage Gap: Homeless Health Care in States Yet to Expand Medicaid, November 13, 2014medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Proposed Minimum Standards for Medical Respite Programs, September 12, 2014developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
Medical Respite Start Ups: Lessons Learned and Recommendations, August 22, 2014developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
Preparing for HRSA Operational Site Visits, July 31, 2014clinical-guidelines clinical-practice
2014 HCH DayJune 19, 2014consumer-engagement
HRSA Needs Assessment for HCH GranteesFebruary 20, 2014consumer-engagement
Promoting Healthy Habits: Innovative Nutrition Education & Physical Activity Programs for Homeless Children & Families, , , May 15, 2013clinical-practice conditions-and-issues nutrition shelter-health
PCMH Updates for Safety Net Providers, , , , , February 28, 2013best-practices clinical-practice funding-for-hch homeless-services patient-centered-medical-home policy-and-advocacy
Integrating Behavioral Health & Primary Care for People Experiencing Homelessness, , , , February 19, 2013behavioral-health clinical-guidelines clinical-practice conditions-and-issues mental-illness
HCH Goes to Washington: Legislative Visits during the 2013 National HCH Conference and BeyondFebruary 5, 2013policy-and-advocacy
A Structural Framework for Meaningful Use of EHR in the HCH Setting, , January 31, 2013clinical-guidelines clinical-practice research-and-data
Tailoring Outreach for the HCH Field, January 29, 2013street-medicine street-outreach
Self-Care Basics in HCH Settings, January 8, 2013safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Leading Transformation to a Patient-Centered Medical Home, , , , November 15, 2012best-practices clinical-practice community-health-workers homeless-services patient-centered-medical-home
Joining Forces: Improving Care for Veterans through HCH-VA Collaborations, November 13, 2012healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Moving Forward with Meaningful Use in the HCH Setting, November 8, 2012clinical-guidelines clinical-practice
Care Transitions for Patients Experiencing Homelessness, , October 24, 2012developing-a-medical-respite-program healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships medical-respite policy-and-advocacy
Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day: How to Plan, Organize, and Remember, October 9, 2012consumer-engagement policy-and-advocacy
Connecting Homeless Individuals to Medicaid and Health Care Services: Key Lessons from HCH Administrators and Frontline Workers, September 27, 2012medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
It Begins with a Connection: Communicating with Patients Who Are Homeless through Community Voice Mail, September 26, 2012community-health-workers consumer-engagement clinical-practice
Laying the Groundwork for Meeting QI/QA Requirements: Action Steps Taken, , August 29, 2012medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite research-and-data
Integrating Employment Strategies into Supportive Housing Programs, July 25, 2012housing-and-housing-first social-determinants-of-health
Health Reform and Medicaid Expansion: HCH Lessons Learned from Three States, July 24, 2012medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Hot Spotters in the HCH Setting: Managing Patients with Complex Comorbidities, , , June 26, 2012clinical-practice mortality severe-mental-illness substance-use behavioral-health
Health Reform and Justice-Involved Populations: Opportunities for the HCH Community, June 19, 2012medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
HCH Staffing and Services: National Trends and Implications for GrowthJune 13, 2012research-and-data
Start with a Strong Foundation: Council Resources for Training Your Staff in HCH Core CompetenciesJune 7, 2012workforce-development-and-support
Medicaid’s Home and Community-Based Services Program: An Orientation for Homeless Health Care Providers, May 31, 2012medicaid-and-medicare policy-and-advocacy
Health Reform & Homeless Populations: What Does the Law Do for You?, May 9, 2012consumer-engagement policy-and-advocacy
You Don’t Need a Home to Vote: Election Activities for HCH Projects Webinar, , , April 26, 2012consumer-engagement policy-and-advocacy street-medicine street-outreach
Laying the Groundwork for Meeting QI/QA Program Expectations in an HCH Setting: Lessons learned in San FranciscoMarch 6, 2012research-and-data
Keeping Homeless Children Safe from Lead Poisoning, , February 28, 2012shelter-health street-medicine street-outreach clinical-practice
Consumer Involvement in GovernanceJanuary 31, 2012consumer-engagement
Infection Control Policies and Practices for Medical Respite Programs, January 26, 2012medical-respite standards-for-medical-respite-care-programs
Developing a Cold Weather Sheltering Plan for People Experiencing Homelessness Webinar, , , , January 12, 2012clinical-practice cold-related-injuries conditions-and-issues street-medicine street-outreach
How to Partner With Your Local Housing Authority, December 13, 2011healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Patient Centered Medical Home Case Study Featuring Mary Howard Health Center, , , , December 1, 2011best-practices clinical-guidelines clinical-practice homeless-services patient-centered-medical-home
Home Visiting Program for Underserved Families (for Clinicians), November 14, 2011clinical-practice community-health-workers
Home Visiting Program for Underserved Families (for Administrators), November 11, 2011clinical-guidelines clinical-practice
Patient Centered Medical Home Case Study featuring Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, , , , November 3, 2011best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services patient-centered-medical-home research-and-data
Addressing Key Preventive Health Measures in Health Care for the Homeless Settings, , October 27, 2011clinical-guidelines clinical-practice research-and-data
Organizing Homeless Persons Memorial Day Events, October 20, 2011consumer-engagement policy-and-advocacy
Managing Chronic Pain for Adults Experiencing Homelessness, , , September 26, 2011chronic-disease chronic-pain clinical-practice conditions-and-issues
Rural Health Centers: Wyoming’s Story, September 14, 2011clinical-guidelines clinical-practice
Motivational Interviewing: An Overview with Application for Outreach for the HCH setting, , , August 17, 2011community-health-workers consumer-engagement street-medicine street-outreach clinical-practice
Planning for HCH Day Activities, August 10, 2011consumer-engagement policy-and-advocacy
Steps to NCQA Recognition for Patient-Centered Medical Home, , , , , July 24, 2011best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services medical-respite patient-centered-medical-home standards-for-medical-respite-care-programs
Community Health Worker Guide, July 4, 2011clinical-practice community-health-workers
Strategies for Local and National Advocacy, June 14, 2011healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Ready, Set, Go: The Road to Meaningful Use of EHRs, , May 24, 2011clinical-practice consumer-engagement research-and-data
Introduction to Community Health Worker Programs, May 24, 2011clinical-practice community-health-workers
Health Care for the Homeless Models of Integrated Care, , , , April 13, 2011behavioral-health chronic-disease clinical-practice severe-mental-illness substance-use
The FQHC HCH/PH Application Process, March 31, 2011funding-for-hch policy-and-advocacy
Diagnosis and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury, March 29, 2011clinical-practice severe-mental-illness
Patient Centered Medical Home: Introduction to the Concept, , , , March 10, 2011best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services patient-centered-medical-home research-and-data
Medical Respite Care: Filling a Void in Homeless Health Care Services, February 16, 2011developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite

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