Assessing Health Management in Health Centers and Medical Respite Programs

Webinar Description

Individuals experiencing homelessness continue to experience chronic conditions and behavioral health conditions at higher rates than the general population. This requires extensive health management skills on the part of the consumer and appropriate modifications from providers to adjust recommendations and guidance for managing chronic conditions for people experiencing homelessness. Health management skills can be understood as any activities that pertain to developing, managing, and maintaining health and wellness routines – in other words, everything that happens outside of provider interactions. Unhoused individuals experience multiple barriers to managing their health and health conditions, but health centers and medical respite programs have unique opportunities to address and mitigate some of these challenges. In order to modify health interventions effectively, providers must first engage with consumers to assess their current health management skills and perceptions of their health. This webinar will present recommended approaches for assessing areas of health management that are critical for developing client-centered plans of care.

Categories: Developing a Medical Respite Program, Medical Respite, Quality and Program Improvement in Medical Respite, Standards for Medical Respite Care Programs, Tools for Medical Respite Providers
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