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Online Courses

Online Courses

Experienced clinicians, administrators, and consumers in homeless health care services know that sometimes you need information on your own schedule. This page is your portal to online versions of education opportunities created by HCH professionals for HCH professionals.

To take courses, you will need to log on to keep track of your progress. If you don’t have a profile already, you will need to create one.

Certificates of completion are available for all of the online courses.

New Courses:
Course Safety & Security Series

Safety and Security Series

Medical Respite course about The roles of CHW, Case Managers and Peers

The Role of Community Health Workers, Case Managers, and Peers

Some of our Courses:

This workshop will provide an overview of the concepts of trust and trustworthiness and the numerous factors that contribute to the understandable mistrust of health care
This course introduces harm reduction as a philosophical approach and public health intervention. The course will review the foundational principles of harm
Principles of de-escalation allow direct service providers to serve as agents of peace and sources of calm and stability for those facing intense emotions as a result of
This course provides an introduction to integrated care approaches in homeless health care and is directed at clinicians and service providers. The course
This workshop will provide an overview of working with people with lived experience and how to create a safe environment for them to thrive within your organization.
This workshop will provide an overview of three dimensions of cultural humility and how that applies both individually and institutionally. Learn the difference

Webinar Series

Trauma-Informed Care Webinar Series:

Being Trauma-Informed and Its Role in Ending Homelessness
We sit at the edge of a paradigm that has the power to transform not only our work
Trauma is the Public Health Issue of Our Time
For most patients, trauma is not just another presenting problem. For too many, trauma is the underlying cause
The Abyss: Addiction, Homelessness, and Trauma
Without healing, trauma can structure a person’s brain in a way that sets them up to be
Hope, Transformation, and Post-Traumatic Growth
The amazing thing about humans is that, no matter how dark the situation, there is

Legacy Webinar Based Courses

These courses even though they are older and in a different format than our newer featured courses still hold valuable relevant content. We are in the process of updating these, but until they are, you will find the older ones below:

Documenting Disability for Medical Providers
Health Care for the Homeless 101
Neurobiology of Addiction
Special Considerations in HCH
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