Consumer Engagement for Consumer Leaders

This 3 module course is designed to assist Consumer Leaders with taking active and impactful Consumer Engagement roles. The modules included are:

Module 1: Health Care for the Homeless – Explore the history of homelessness and consumer engagement. Learn about values that guide consumer engagement and why it is vital to creating equitable and accessible health care systems.

Module 2: Getting Started – Explore information and resources that will support those seeking to apply their lived experiences to the work of a health care for the homeless center as an employee, a Consumer Advisory Board member, a member serving on the board of the health center, and/or as an advocate working on other consumer engagement activities. Learn from interviews with experienced consumer leaders to gain strategies for how to get started and how to develop as a consumer leader.

Module 3: Impact – Explore examples of impactful consumer engagement. Learn how meaningful change is guided by consumer leaders.

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