2024 HCH Conference & Policy Symposium


2024 HCH Conference & Policy Symposium

Toward Access and EquaLity: Embracing an Equitable Approach to Health Care

About the Event

The annual National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium is the country’s largest gathering of practitioners of homeless health care, medical respite care, advocates, people with lived experience of homelessness, and researchers about homelessness. The conference offers tremendous opportunity to learn, grow professionally, reconnect with colleagues, and make new connections with our community.

Date & Location

Save the Date: May 13-16, 2024

Conference Location: Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
8000 S Arizona Grand Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Overflow Hotel: Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes
2000 W Westcourt Way
Tempe, AZ 85282

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HCH 2024 Conference Resources

Download the digital program or browse our online resource library of conference video recordings and other presentation materials below.

A New Syndemic Approach: Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Harm Reduction, , , behavioral-health domestic-violence harm-reduction substance-use
A trauma-informed and multi-disciplinary approach in offering outpatient post-sexual assault care, , , clinical-guidelines clinical-practice conditions-and-issues trauma
Addiction and Medical Respite Care, , , , behavioral-health developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite substance-use
Applying an Equity Lens to Quality Improvementjustice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
As the World Burns: HCH Responses to the Impacts of Extreme Weather & Climate Change, , clinical-practice conditions-and-issues heat-related-injuries
Basics of Safety and Security for Homeless Service Providers, safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Bringing Pap Smears to the Home Environment, , , clinical-practice homeless-services special-populations women
Building an Innovative Model of Care for Vulnerable Patients, through Outreach & Peer Support, street-medicine street-outreach
Building DEI-B From the Ground Upjustice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Building Partnerships To Enhance Equitable Children’s Healthcare: A Roadmap, , , , , families clinical-practice healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships homeless-services policy-and-advocacy special-populations
Building Safety & Resiliency in the Face of Loss, safety-and-security workforce-development-and-support
Centering lived experience and harm reduction in primary care for people with opioid use disorder, behavioral-health harm-reduction
Closing the disparity gap: The importance of clinical, patient, and analytics team collaborationresearch-and-data
Cluster Care: Providing Support to High-Needs Clients in Transitional Housing, , , , assessment-and-intake best-practices case-management clinical-practice homeless-services
Community and Advocacy in Medical Respite Care, developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
Cooling Centers for Persons Experiencing Homelessness: Making the case for climate justice, , policy-and-advocacy street-medicine street-outreach
Countering Nonprofit Exploitation: A Call for Client Compensation, nhch-news-and-resources policy-and-advocacy
Design of a Novel Fidelity Measure for Use in Accreditation of Medical Respite Programs, , , medical-respite quality-and-program-improvement-in-medical-respite standards-for-medical-respite-care-programs tools-for-medical-respite-providers
Developing/Enhancing Community Partnerships to Increase COVID Vaccination and Immunization Uptake, healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Dont Need a Home in Order to Voteconsumer-engagement
Engaging consumers and clinicians in what works for substance use in people who are homeless, , , , behavioral-health clinical-practice harm-reduction mortality substance-use
Engaging consumers in research to improve diabetes and wellness for people who have experienced homelessness, , chronic-disease clinical-practice diabetes-mellitus
Ensuring Equal Access to Risk Assessment: A Zero Suicide Implementation, , , behavioral-health clinical-practice harm-reduction severe-mental-illness
Estimating Youth Homelessness in Denver, Colorado from 2017-2021: A Capture-Recapture Analysis, , , families clinical-practice homeless-services special-populations
Fent to Bupe: Paths to Success from Camp to Clinic, , , behavioral-health harm-reduction medication-assisted-treatment substance-use
First year lessons of initiating a SOAR program in a primary care and outpatient psychiatric setting, , , , , , behavioral-health best-practices homeless-services outreach street-medicine street-outreach substance-use clinical-practice
From Feasibility to Facility: The Journey to Establish a Medical Respite, , , developing-a-medical-respite-program financing-a-medical-respite-care-program medical-respite standards-for-medical-respite-care-programs
Gender Affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse People Experiencing Homelessness, , , clinical-practice homeless-services lgbtq-health special-populations
Homeless mortality data for surveillance and policy change: insights from four SF Bay Area Counties, , clinical-practice mortality research-and-data
Homelessness Is Not a Binary: The Continuum of Care When Homelessness is a Chronic Comorbidity, , , best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services permanent-supportive-housing
Housing is Health Care: Leveraging Medicaid Waivers to Strengthen Housing First Programs, , , , , best-practices clinical-practice funding-for-hch homeless-services permanent-supportive-housing policy-and-advocacy
How to add health navigation into outreach palliative care for structurally vulnerable populations, street-medicine street-outreach
“I hear you” An invitation to move towards “You heard me.”, clinical-practice community-health-workers
Implementation of a Behavioral Health Program in a Street Medicine Setting, , , behavioral-health mobile-health street-medicine street-outreach
Implementing a One Health Clinic, , , , best-practices clinical-guidelines clinical-practice health-center-specific-resources homeless-services
Improving healthcare and housing outcomes by removing a hidden barrier; lack of legal identification, street-medicine street-outreach
Integrated Care Permanent Supportive Housing: A Promising Alternative for Chronic Homelessness, , , , best-practices case-management clinical-practice core-competencies-curriculum homeless-services
Integrating ADL Support into Medical Respite Services, , developing-a-medical-respite-program financing-a-medical-respite-care-program medical-respite
Intervening at the Corner of Homelessness and Health: How to Rapidly Increase Capacity for Medical Respite, developing-a-medical-respite-program medical-respite
LL – Cultural Safetyjustice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
LL – Environmental Emergencies: We Can Help, The Lived Experience Perspective, , , best-practices clinical-practice emergency-preparedness homeless-services
LL – Evaluations in Health Care for the Homeless Programs, , , best-practices clinical-practice encampments homeless-services
LL – HHRC Advanced Care Planning for People Who Use Drugs, behavioral-health substance-use
LL – Next Steps in Addressing Encampment Sweeps, , , best-practices clinical-practice encampments homeless-services
LL – Service Delivery and Reimbursement Models for Utilizing Nurse-Led Care Across HCH Settings, clinical-guidelines clinical-practice
Maximizing the Synergy of Health Care, Housing, and Value Based Care, , , best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services permanent-supportive-housing
Medical-Legal Partnerships: Addressing legal needs to improve health and remove barriers to housing, healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Meeting People Where They Are: Interprofessional Collaboration in the Community to Support PEH, , , , best-practices clinical-guidelines clinical-practice health-center-specific-resources homeless-services
Meeting the Needs of New Arrivals within the HCH Community, , , , best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services outreach permanent-supportive-housing
Mobile Dental & Medical Services, mobile-health street-medicine
Moral injury in the context of street homelessness, , , , clinical-practice ethical-and-cultural-issues homeless-services poverty-health severe-mental-illness
Mortal Systemic Exclusion and the State of Homeless Mortality, clinical-practice mortality
Nurse Call Line Pilot in Homeless Shelters in NYC: Experiences, Barriers, and Facilitators, , , , , assessment-and-intake best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services street-medicine street-outreach
NYC Street Medicine: A Human-Centered Approach in Healthcare to Housing, and Housing to Health, , mobile-health street-medicine street-outreach
“One Stop Shop” Viral Hepatitis Treatment for Hennepin County Healthcare for the Homeless Clients, , clinical-practice hepatitis infectious-disease
Patching the Safety Net: Review of a Rapid Post-Hospitalization Shelter Pilot Program, , , , clinical-practice developing-a-medical-respite-program homeless-services medical-respite shelter-health-best-practices best-practices
PCI – Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)justice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
PCI – Medical Respite: Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future, , developing-a-medical-respite-program financing-a-medical-respite-care-program medical-respite
PCI – Street Medicine Blueprints, , mobile-health street-medicine street-outreach
People Not Pathology: A human-first, trauma-informed deep dive into complex mental health, , , clinical-practice homeless-services severe-mental-illness shelter-health-best-practices best-practices
Primary Care & Restorative Justice: 10 years of health care delivery in supportive housing, , , best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services permanent-supportive-housing
Recuperative Care in Recovery Settings: A Promising Practice, , , , , , , behavioral-health best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services medical-respite medical-respite-care-research patient-centered-medical-home substance-use
Strategies for Funding a Medical Respite Program, financing-a-medical-respite-care-program medical-respite
Street Medicine and Community Paramedicine: Exploring the Intersection, , mobile-health street-medicine street-outreach
Supporting Safe Discharge from Health Care Facility to Shelter, , , best-practices clinical-practice discharge-planning homeless-services
Telehealth in a Street Homeless Clinic: Improving Care and Access, , mobile-health street-medicine street-outreach
Understanding and Applying Principles of Language Justice, healthcare-and-homelessness-partnerships policy-and-advocacy
Understanding Engagement With an ED-Based Peer Intervention for Opioid Overdose Preventionresearch-and-data
Unhoused Youth in LA: A Perspective on Providing Health Care from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, , , , best-practices families clinical-practice homeless-services special-populations
Unpacking Workplace Violence on BIPOC Health Care Workersjustice-equity-diversion-and-inclusion-jedi
Using CalAIM to Make Strategic Investments that Uplift the Experience of Unhoused Members, , , , , assessment-and-intake best-practices case-management clinical-practice core-competencies-curriculum homeless-services
Using Homeless Mortality Data to Drive Policy & Program Change: A Discussion of Local Approaches, clinical-practice mortality
Utilizing Health-Related Patient Data to Advance Health Equity in Clinical Careresearch-and-data
Viewing of “Behavioral Health, Stigma, and Resilience: Firsthand Perspectives”, behavioral-health harm-reduction
Virtual Care Enhancement with Tele Transmission of Auscultation, Ear, Skin Examination, , , best-practices clinical-practice homeless-services telehealth-best-practices
“What’s new in homeless health care?” – A no-jargon summary of the latest researchresearch-and-data
You said what?! Navigating Conflict Management & DeEscalation in Housing Settings through Harm Redux, behavioral-health harm-reduction

Past Conferences

Browse our conference archive using the button below to access resources and information from previous conferences, including our most recent annual conference, the 2023 National HCH Conference & Policy Symposium held in May in Baltimore. View or download the conference agenda, award winners, session materials, videos from recorded sessions, and more.


The National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium is presented by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council with grant support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The views expressed during the conference are not necessarily those of HRSA.

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