Ensuring Equal Access to Risk Assessment: A Zero Suicide Implementation

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has been on a path to Zero Suicide for the past several years. The Coalition’s belief that equal access to risk assessment is at the heart of their implementation process and guides all they do. Based in quality assurance, their process was developed from the beginning with analysis, reporting, and quality improvement in mind. In this presentation, the Coalition will share what they have learned in the hopes of improving quality risk assessment for anyone who experiences homelessness, and contributing to an overall body of research in this area.

Speakers: Lara Dicus, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Dr. Claudia Crosse-Wynn, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Jamie Dalla Costa

Session Materials:

Categories: Behavioral Health, Clinical Practice, Harm Reduction, Research and Data, Severe Mental Illness
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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