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Working to End Homelessness
by Ensuring Health Care and Housing for All

The Council is a membership organization uniting thousands of health care professionals, people with lived experience of homelessness, and advocates in homeless health care. Join us in working to improve care and to eliminate homelessness.

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Take Action to end Homelessness

Lift your voice and take action for health care and housing justice!

Request Technical Assistance or Start Learning

Request advice from qualified experts or learn something new in homeless health care.

Find Best Practices or Discover Research

View resources, research & quality improvement for health care and homelessness

Find information about Consumers

Consumers are people with lived experience of homelessness

If You are Experiencing Homelessness

The Council does not offer direct homeless services like providing shelter or care. The most direct way to get help in your area is to dial “211” or go to 211.org. It will refer you to LOCAL services in your city or state. To find HCH’s in your area, you can go to our Directory here.

The Council supports 3 pillars of service:


We support HCHs, Advocates, and Consumer Leaders through Webinars, Courses, Regional and National Training, and Conferences, as well as providing Technical Support and access to experts in the field of Health Care for the Homeless. Our Clinical team works to continually improve standards of care and help in training HCH staff.


Our Research team finds and collects data from various regional and national sources, often working with governmental bodies and private organizations. We offer these up for free by using dashboards, publications, and live as well recorded presentations.


Our advocacy team works with political leaders to help effect change both nationally as well as regionally and produces material to support activists in the fight to end homelessness and improve medical care to those who have become homeless.

Who do we serve

Beyond our work in the fight to end Homelessness we serve Over 200 Healthcare for the Homeless facilities across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Visit Our Directory to find an HCH in your area.

Illustrative map of United States with dots showing HCH's across the country

Whats Happening

Vaccine Ambassador project award winners on map with logos

New Vaccine Ambassadors page is live

VAP focuses on increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates among people experiencing homelessness, people with substance use disorder, and people who engage in sex work. All three groups are at increased risk for COVID-19 infection but have experienced barriers…

NIMRC is 2 Years Old!

In July of 2022, we mark the 2-year anniversary of the launch of The National Institute for Medical Respite Care, an initiative of The National Health Care for the Homeless Council. Take a look at what we’ve done so far and look forward to doing in the future.

Explore the Council’s Annual Report

The Council’s 2020-2021 Annual Report is now available! This report highlights our ongoing work and partnerships, as well as the ways we’ve stepped up to the challenges of the past year.

COVID-19 Pandemic Guide

This comprehensive guide aims to gather the most up-to-date information and provide guidance to organizations and programs who serve people experiencing homelessness to minimize harm during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, as we are now nearly three years into this pandemic, we wanted to gather the lessons learned for future pandemics.

Webinars & Training:

View More on the Webinars page

Popular Webinars:

Being Trauma-Informed and Its Role in Ending Homelessness
Foundations of LGBTQIA+ Health Care and Homelessness: Terminology, Concepts, and Best Practices

Featured Webinar or Training:

Upcoming Webinars & Training:

Recent Resources:

The Councils Periodicals (E-Publications)

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council produces scheduled publications in both PDF and email newsletter format these are distributed at the scheduled time to email address boxes of members but you can find the issue archives below.

Solidarity: Issue and education focused, and includes information such as recommended reading and “In the News” features.
R & R: Highlights webinars and other key events, as well as registrations, resources, and job openings. Clean and concise, designed for quick reading
COVID-19 Flash Blast: A brief synopsis of key issues specific to covid-19 and the HCH delivered twice a month community
Mobilizer Volume 25, No. 10
Mobilizer: a monthly action alert newsletter developed by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s policy and advocacy team.
Respite News: an e-publication of the RCPN highlighting trends, new resources, and learning opportunities of interest to providers, consumers, and advocates of medical respite care.
The Consumer Voice: offers important information on housing and health care topics and shares updates on the work of NCAB and consumer advisory boards across the United States.
Healing Hands: a publication of the HCH Clinicians’ Network, melds scientific knowledge with the experience of clinicians working in Health Care for the Homeless
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