Consumer Engagement

Giving people who are experiencing homelessness a voice about the care and support they receive

Consumer Stories

Consumer Stories


The Council’s National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB) gives people with lived experience of homelessness a voice in national issues involving the health care and housing of people without homes. 

NCAB works to achieve this mission through their focus on empowering and uplifting this voice through our storytelling and our newsletter, The Consumer Voice.


NCAB works to train and support consumers in telling their stories to challenge the stigma of homelessness and shed light on the reality. NCAB created our own Storytelling Guide, which talks about key components in developing your story and emotional considerations for storytelling. The manual also includes worksheets to be used in developing your personal story.

The Consumer Voice

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with NCAB in our recently relaunched and improved newsletter: The Consumer Voice. This publication offers important information on housing and health care topics and shares updates on the work of NCAB and consumer advisory boards across the United States.

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