Viewing of “Behavioral Health, Stigma, and Resilience: Firsthand Perspectives”

Explore the complex intersection of stigma and behavioral health through this insightful video screening from the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s online course: Behavioral Health, Stigma, and Resilience: Firsthand Perspectives. Gain valuable insights into the experiences of individuals with behavioral health conditions who have faced homelessness as they share their personal narratives. This session aims to foster empathy, understanding, and promote meaningful conversations surrounding behavioral health. This video intends to challenge preconceptions, dismantle stereotypes, and advocate for a more compassionate and inclusive approach to mental health. Attendees will have an opportunity to debrief and reflect on how identifying and addressing stigma can impact their day-to-day work.

Speakers: Caitlin Synovec, Assistant Director of Medical Respite, National Health Care for the Homeless Council

Session Materials:

Categories: Behavioral Health, Consumer Engagement, Harm Reduction, Severe Mental Illness
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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