Integrated Care Permanent Supportive Housing: A Promising Alternative for Chronic Homelessness

Homelessness is a complex problem that affects individuals, communities, and healthcare systems. This session will cover an integrative care program designed for those experiencing chronic homelessness, which is characterized by long-term or repeated episodes of homelessness associated with complex medical conditions. Providing stable housing and support services effectively addresses chronic homelessness and improves health outcomes. Programs like this have demonstrated a reduction in hospital emergency department visits and inpatient hospital stays. They use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide comprehensive care and support. Over the past four years, the program has significantly reduced homelessness among its participants.

Speakers: Lisa Brydson, Case Manager, Mercy Care

Session Materials:


Categories: Best Practices, Case Management, Clinical Practice, Core Competencies Curriculum, Homeless Services
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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