Countering Nonprofit Exploitation: A Call for Client Compensation

Client storytelling is a staple of the nonprofit business model, everpresent in board and committee proceedings, research, advocacy and policy, communications, and fundraising. Nonprofit organizations benefit significantly from the client experience and their ability to capture an audience. The critical question is how equitable is this exchange between the client and the organization? This presentation will focus on how to create a client compensation policy, procedure, and agreement using our own organization’s 2023 implementation process as a case study.

Speakers: Malcolm Williams, Senior Client Relations Manager, Health Care for the Homeless; Keiren Havens, KJ Havens Consulting, LLC; Mark Council, Board Member, Health Care for the Homeless

Session Materials:


Categories: Consumer Engagement, NHCHC News and Resources, Policy and Advocacy
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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