Building Safety & Resiliency in the Face of Loss

This presentation will be a case study of the organization and community after the death of a staff member at the hands of a client. There will be a discussion among attendees to evaluate and identify current strengths and areas for development around organizational safety policies and wellness resources. This workshop intends to challenge attendees to consider both individual and organizational frames for safety and resiliency in serving people with vulnerability and proximity to violence, loss, and tragedy. There will be examples and models of support that organizations can adopt to set a healthy frame around safety and wellness within organizational culture proactively. There will also be discussion on ways in which organizational frame of support can assist in individual staff development around self care toward sustainability from burnout in work with a complex and challenging population.

Speakers: Jessica Guardado, Directors of Supportive Services, Healthworks ACT, Groundworks Collaborative; Joshua Davis, Groundworks Collaborative; Kathleen McGraw, CMO, Brattleboro Memorial Hopsital

Session Materials:

Categories: Safety and Security, Workforce Development and Support
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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