You said what?! Navigating Conflict Management & DeEscalation in Housing Settings through Harm Redux

This workshop explores conflict resolution and de-escalation in housing settings, emphasizing harm reduction principles. Conflicts in housing, compounded by substance use, mental health, anti-Blackness, and transphobia, often lead to punitive measures causing harm. This session will explore skills and techniques benefiting residents and staff by applying a harm reduction approach. We aim to offer innovative conflict resolution strategies that prioritize harm reduction, empathy, and collaboration, providing valuable recommendations for housing stakeholders. These contribute to creating safer, inclusive living spaces in a time where housing stability and communal harmony are crucial.

Speakers: Melissa Matheney, Training & Development Manager; National Harm Reduction Coalition; Taylor Edelmann; LGBTQIA+ Health & Harm Reduction Manager, National Harm Reduction Coalition

Session Materials: 

Categories: Behavioral Health, Harm Reduction, Housing and Housing First, Safety and Security
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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