Homelessness Is Not a Binary: The Continuum of Care When Homelessness is a Chronic Comorbidity

Clinicians rarely ask patients about their health history related to recovering from homelessness. Through case studies, lived experience, oncological and epigenetic research, and group discussions, this session will explore the importance of evaluating chronic health issues with homelessness as a comorbidity even after patients have regained housing stability and recovered from homelessness. The session will also explore how chronic health conditions are created and exacerbated by housing instability, how this impacts the healthcare system, and how housing first (housing as health care) improves the healthcare system both for patients and providers.

Speakers: Sabra Boyd, Human Trafficking Prevention Consultant with Lived Experience; Sheryl Recinos, Physician Independent Contractor; Lefty, Radical Community Care | Unsheltered PHX; Sophia Dancel

Session Materials:

Categories: Best Practices, Clinical Practice, Homeless Services, Permanent Supportive Housing
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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