Housing is Health Care: Leveraging Medicaid Waivers to Strengthen Housing First Programs

This workshop — at the intersection of policy and practice — will explore the regulatory background enabling Medicaid “supportive housing” waivers, emerging data on housing and health, and the policies, politics, and partnerships that made possible a state’s six-year state pilot (which will be expanded statewide in FY2025). Outcomes from a five-year state study will be shared. HCH program leadership will discuss how the organization worked with local and state government, legislators, and hospital partners to shape program design, set appropriate billing rates, build community buy-in and adapt the program over time. Presenters will explore challenges and opportunities with staffing and design within an HCH project, client engagement, pilot implementation, and program sustainability.

Speakers: Lawanda Williams, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Health Care For the Homeless; Kevin Lindamood, President and CEO, Health Care for the Homeless

Session Materials:


Categories: Best Practices, Clinical Practice, Funding for HCH, Homeless Services, Permanent Supportive Housing, Policy and Advocacy
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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