Intervening at the Corner of Homelessness and Health: How to Rapidly Increase Capacity for Medical Respite

Medical respite care is an essential intervention to end and prevent homelessness. In the shadow of the COVID pandemic, this need looms larger than ever. This workshop will introduce a successful statewide capacity-building model that can be duplicated in states seeking to sustainably grow their network of medical respite programs. The state leader of this initiative and two of the participant communities will facilitate a discussion on the necessity of expanding capacity for medical respite care nationwide, the opportunities and challenges of implementing their statewide capacity building model, and the feasibility of a medical respite benefit in Medicaid.

Speakers: Christine Haley, State Homelessness Chief, Illinois Office to Prevent & End Homelessness; Richard Ducatenzeiler, CEO, The Boulevard of Chicago, Inc.; Rachel Thomas, Senior Program Manager, Illinois Public Health Institute; Angie Walker, Homeless Program Manager City of Rockford Health and Human Services Department

Session Materials: 

Categories: Developing a Medical Respite Program, Medical Respite
Tags: 2024 National HCH Conference
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