Trauma-Informed Care Webinar Series

Trauma-Informed Care Webinar Series

The Council partnered with the Coldspring Center for Social and Health Innovation to present a unique 4-part webinar series* on trauma informed care (TIC) from October 5-November 2, 2016. Featuring Coldspring Chief Innovation Officer Matt Bennett, this series examined how the TIC paradigm can play a critical role not only in transforming providers’ approaches to care, but also in informing direct advocacy for real solutions to end homelessness.

*Continuing Education credits are not currently available for archived webinars presented by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

Series Videos:

All of these webinars come with downloadable slides

Being Trauma-Informed and Its Role in Ending Homelessness
We sit at the edge of a paradigm that has the power to transform not only our work
Trauma is the Public Health Issue of Our Time
For most patients, trauma is not just another presenting problem. For too many, trauma is the underlying cause
The Abyss: Addiction, Homelessness, and Trauma
Without healing, trauma can structure a person’s brain in a way that sets them up to be
Hope, Transformation, and Post-Traumatic Growth
The amazing thing about humans is that, no matter how dark the situation, there is
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