Mitigating Risk: Seven Important Things You Need to Know about Volunteer Background Checks

Webinar Slides(PDF)

Employee screening is increasingly required for health centers and other nonprofits serving people without homes, and many organizations are expanding their screening practices to include volunteers and board members. Your reputation is paramount, and one rogue volunteer can negatively impact your program’s credibility, fundraising, and recruitment. Supporting best practices, the National HCH Council recently partnered with Verified Volunteers to provide our Organizational Members significantly discounted pricing on quality volunteer and staff background checks.

Join us on November 9th to learn critical information about volunteer screening to make better decisions and ensure that your program is performing background checks in the most effective and responsible manner. This webinar will present results and insights into volunteer screening trends and best practices, including misperceptions about screening, how to obtain high-quality screens on a budget, and the importance of keeping compliant. Attendees will also receive a brief overview of how Verified Volunteers can help mitigate risk in background screening for their volunteers and employees.


  • Kimberly Chochon, Vice President, Partnerships, Verified Volunteers (Seattle, WA)


  • Michael Durham, Membership & Development Coordinator, NHCHC (Nashville, TN)
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