HCH Staffing and Services: National Trends and Implications for Growth

Webinar Slides(PDF)

This webinar will present national trends in health care for the homeless staffing and services identified using Uniform Data Systems (UDS) data and discuss some of the limitations in the data. Representatives from the Health Resources and Services Administration will discuss upcoming changes in UDS reporting while HCH representatives will discuss the implications of trends emerging from the data and ways it can aid in local strategic planning.


  • Dan Rabbitt, MSW; Health Policy Organizer, National Health Care for the Homeless Council; Baltimore
  • Parminder Bajwa, MD, MBA, DBA; Director of Medial Services, Columbus Neighborhood Health Center; Columbus, Ohio
  • Heather Ngai,¬†Public Health Analyst, Office of Quality and Data, Bureau of Primary Care
  • Lydie Lebrun, MPH, PhD; Public Health Analyst, Office of Quality and Data, Bureau of Primary Health Care
Categories: Research and Data
Tags: Webinar
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