When Everyone Benefits: Exploring the Roles of Health Care Providers in Law Enforcement Reform, Crisis Assistance, and Public Policy on Unsheltered Homelessness

Homelessness, health care, & Public Safety


The National Health Care for the Homeless Council, the Street Medicicne Institute and the National Homelessness Law Center invite you to a free, virtual symposium to explore the future of public safety and the intersecting issues of unsheltered homelessness, criminalization, crisis response, street outreach, and health care.

When: Wednesday, April 6: 11:00 am – 2:30pm Central Time

Communities across the country are re-imagining public safety to reduce unnecessary utilization of law enforcement, improve mental health crisis response, and integrate people in crisis into a system of compassionate care. An overlapping dialog, jurisdictions are grappling with the rise of unsheltered homelessness and escalated public incidents that can ensue, threatening both unhoused and housed neighbors. Most desire a trauma-informed response to unhoused people experiencing crises, but models for such programs vary and little guidance exists. This symposium will gather stakeholders and uplift promising options that benefit all involved.

What to expect:
• A panel of national experts and advocates
• Active discussions facilitated by leaders from jurisdictions with crisis assistance programs
• Networking with colleagues across the country
• Information-gathering on needs of local communities

Who should attend:
• Health Centers (esp. Health Care for the Homeless)
• Local Government
• Law Enforcement
• Mobile Crisis Teams
• Behavioral Health authorities
• HUD Continuum of Care leads
• Homeless Services Nonprofits
• Public Health departments
• Researchers
• Legal Aid
• Advocates
• People with Lived Expertise
• Anyone interested in improving crisis response systems for people experiencing homelessness.

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