Strategies for Local and National Advocacy

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This webinar contains information to help participants learn strategies for engaging in advocacy at the local level and in Washington, D.C., without adding significant burdens to the limited time and resources available to health care for the homeless grantees. Conscious economic and policy decisions over the last 30 years have contributed tremendously to contemporary homelessness.

Advocacy in support of new policies that reaffirm a commitment to basic human needs is essential to reverse this trend and make homelessness rare and brief. Administrators, staff, and consumers at HCH projects (and other homeless service providers) have a wealth of first-hand knowledge regarding the changes needed in current policies.

  • Adam Schneider, MSW; Community Relations Coordinator, Health Care for the Homeless, Inc.; Baltimore
  • James Crawford, Jr., Chair, B-More Housing for All; Baltimore
  • BJ Iacino, Director of Education and Advocacy, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Denver
  • Nic Granum, MPA; Program Manager, Central City Concern; Portland, Oregon


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