Understanding and Preventing Homeless Mortality

The toll of homelessness has been shown to have long-term consequences on health and quality of life. What is not as well documented is the impact of homelessness on mortality and the incidence of specific causes of death.

Homeless mortality is often underestimated due to lack of consistent housing status reporting on death certificates and incomplete data from various siloed record systems. Understanding the extent and cause of mortality among people experiencing homelessness is necessary to know how to prevent future mortality.

This webinar will highlight the progress of four counties in the Bay Area, California, Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, and Santa Clara, who have worked to identify and investigate homeless mortality. Lessons from these communities will help guide others’ work in using data-driven approaches to measure and ultimately prevent death.


  • Maura Nakahata, MPH, CSTE Applied Epidemiology Fellow | Marin County Health and Human Services
  • Jasmine Soriano, MPH, Epidemiologist | Marin County Health and Human Services
  • Charis Baz, MPH, Senior Dept Analyst | Marin County Health and Human Services
  • David Modersbach, Grants Manager | Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless
  • Jamie Chang PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Public Health| Santa Clara University
  • Barry Zevin MD, Medical Director, Street Medicine, Whole Person Integrated Care| San Francisco Department of Public Health
Categories: Clinical Practice, Consumer Engagement, Mortality
Tags: Webinar
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