Being Trauma-Informed and Its Role in Ending Homelessness

Webinar Slides(PDF)

We sit at the edge of a paradigm that has the power to transform not only our work with patients, but our communities and nation as well. Ending homelessness will never happen as long as the majority of people in our society do not understand those who experience this tragic reality and what they need to live a healthy productive life. It is in this knowledge where empathy and motivation for change emerges and real solutions can be implemented, not only to help those experiencing homelessness, but also stopping the pipelines that lead to poverty, imprisonment, and homelessness.

In this introductory webinar, we’ll examine foundations of the trauma informed paradigm and what it means for our organizations and communities. This introduction will provide an understanding and language to begin to consider how the emerging science behind trauma can inform how care is provided and direct advocacy toward real solutions to end homelessness. Connecting research to passion can change lives and communities!


  • Matt Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, Coldspring Center for Social and Health Innovation, Denver, CO
Categories: Behavioral Health, Clinical Practice, Severe Mental Illness
Tags: Webinar
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