Street Medicine for Gravely Mentally Ill Patients: Strategies for Establishing Conservatorship

State Standards for Treatment(PDF)

Pathways to Home PowerPoint Slides(PDF)

Patients experiencing homelessness who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness and terminal addiction, dementia, and co-morbid medical conditions are at high risk of dying on the streets. These individuals may lack the ability to seek safety and accept treatment because of their hallucinations, delusions, intoxication, cognition, and diminished medical decision-making capacity. Brief, involuntary psychiatric hospital commitments can be important for safety but often do not significantly change mental status or reduce morbidity and mortality for those who are committed. This webinar will help participants define grave disability, identify patients at high risk for death, and explore guardianship laws.



  • Susan Partovi, MD, Medical Director, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles


  • Alyssa Curtis, MS, Training Manager, National Health Care for the Homeless Council
Categories: Behavioral Health, Consumer Engagement, Mobile Health, Severe Mental Illness, Street Medicine, Street Outreach
Tags: Webinar
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