Integrating Behavioral Health & Primary Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

Webinar Slides(PDF)

This webinar will discuss how two health care for the homeless projects have implemented integrated behavioral health and primary care models and what factors have contributed to their successes. HCHs are increasingly witnessing the benefits of health care delivery models that integrate behavioral health and primary care services.

Because of high rates of co-occurring mental health conditions, substance abuse disorders, and chronic illnesses, persons experiencing homelessness can greatly benefit from the integration of these services. Additionally, health center grantees are required to develop integrated care models as they work towards patient-centered medical home accreditation and recognition.

Join us to hear how the Daily Planet (Richmond, Virginia) and Central City Concern (Portland, Oregon) meet their goals in funding, staffing, training, care teams, services and more.


  • Lisa Price-Stevens, MD, MPH; Medical Director, Daily Planet; Richmond, Virginia
  • Susan Marie, PMHNP, PhD; Medical Director for Behavioral Health, Central City Concern; Portland, Oregon
Categories: Behavioral Health, Clinical Guidelines, Clinical Practice
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