Financing Medical Respite Care: A Practical Discussion to Ensure Sustainability

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As communities are looking to reduce health care costs and improve patient outcomes, medical respite care programs are filling a critical need for people who are experiencing homelessness. Whether providing hospitals with a safe and legal discharge option, or creating a bridge between hospital and supportive housing programs, medical respite care is a key piece of the local continuum of health care.

These programs can reduce hospital lengths of stay and readmissions as well as facilitate better care transitions and case management plans for a very vulnerable population. But how to finance these programs to ensure they are sustainable? This webinar provides an overview of the most common ways to fund medical respite and give practical advice on how to start or grow a program in your area.


  • Julia Dobbins, Project Manager, National HCH Council
  • Brenda Goldstein, Psychosocial Services Director, LifeLong Medical Care, Berkeley, CA
  • Brandon Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Circle the City, Phoenix, AZ; Chair-elect, Respite Care Providers’ Network (RCPN) Steering Committee
  • Moderator: Barbara DiPietro, Senior Director of Policy, National HCH Council
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