Building Resilience for Front Line Providers: What Does “Self-Care” Really Look Like?


Sometimes a bubble bath isn’t enough. Before the national pandemic, homeless health care providers suffered from high rates of burn-out, stress, and vicarious trauma. Now during a public health crisis, we question what it really means to build resiliency and find time for self-care.

Join experienced homeless health care clinicians and other front line staff members as they talk about strategies and tools for staying mentally sound and taking care of themselves during even tougher times than usual.

To get a head start on the conversation, please see our latest podcast on self-care and resiliency with two of our panelists. We hope you’ll find the time to stop, breathe, and sip a beverage with us.


  • Lawanda Williams, LCSW-C, MPH, Health Care for the Homeless, Baltimore, MD
  • Sierra Roberts, LCSW, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
  • Lynea Seiberlich-Wheeler, LCSW, West County Health Centers, Sonoma County, CA
  • Matt Bennett, MBA, MA, author and trainer on trauma-informed approaches


  • Regina Reed, MPH, National Health Care for the Homeless Council
Categories: Safety and Security, Workforce Development and Support
Tags: Webinar
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