HRSA Needs Assessment for HCH Grantees




This webinar addresses the following questions about meeting HRSA requirements: What is sufficient evidence in assessing the needs of homeless in the service area? What kind of data is used for your Needs Assessment? How does one obtain this data and what resources are available to meet this requirement? What is the timeline your organization uses from start to finish to gather data and create the needs assessment? How is the needs assessment used and shared with others at your organization?

  • Erika Barber, Esq, Compliance Officer/ Government Grants Manager, Boston HCH
  • Lee Carroll, MSW, LCSW, Administrative Subject-Matter Expert and consultant, National HCH Council
  • Victoria Deloney, MBA/HCM, BSN, RN, PHN, Senior Health Program Coordinator, Sacramento County DHHS/ Primary Health Services/ Clinic
Categories: Consumer Engagement
Tags: Webinar
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