Public Entity HCH Grantees and Co-Applicant Arrangements

Webinar Slides(PDF)

This webinar was produced in response to a technical assistance request for public entity health care for the homeless grantees developing their co-applicant agreements. This webinar covers the nuts and bolts of the health center program requirements on governance, public entity/agency structure, and co-applicant arrangements.

The webinar will also feature two health care for the homeless public entity grantees that have successfully developed their co-applicant agreements. They will share their experiences with the process including potential pitfalls and some tips for success.


  • Pamela Byrnes, PhD; Senior Consultant, John Snow, Inc.; Boston
  • Dan Reid, MPA; Assistant Deputy Director, Primary Care and Family Division, Public Health Department Santa Barbara County; Santa Barbara, California
  • Honor Potvin, MPH; Associate Director, Health Project Research & Development, Genesee Health System; Flint, Michigan
Categories: Clinical Guidelines, Clinical Practice, Funding for HCH, Healthcare and Homelessness Partnerships, Medicaid and Medicare, Policy and Advocacy
Tags: Webinar
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