Community Conversations: Harm Reduction


Please note:

due to the sensitive nature of the conversation, this event was not recorded.


The Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network is pleased to launch Community Conversations beginning in November 2021. Forming around pressing issues affecting providers (defined broadly) who serve people experiencing homelessness, Community Conversations are not webinars: they are discussions informed by real-life cases meant to improve the well-being of HCH providers through mutual support and problem-solving. Therefore, attendees are expected to share openly and encourage others, not just listen, and all participants are encouraged to have their cameras on if possible. To facilitate a safer space, the conversations will not be recorded.

In our second Community Conversation, we will dive into the topic of Harm Reduction and Methamphetamine. We will be exploring how communities are experiencing the surge in Meth use differently. For people who use Meth while experiencing homelessness, they can experience significant harm directly related to lack of housing. Staff that supports these individuals also have limited tools for treatment, which can lead to moral distress while witnessing our community members suffer. Join us what we share and support each other in this beautifully complicated work.

Hosted by:

  • Courtney Pladsen DNP, FNP-BC | Director of Clinical and Quality Improvement | NHCHC
  • Kate Gleason-Bachman, MPH, RN | Clinical and QI Nurse Manager | NHCHC


  • Kelli Klein, BA | Clinical Coordinator | National Health Care for the Homeless Council | Nashville, TN
Categories: Behavioral Health, Harm Reduction
Tags: Webinar
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