Homelessness, Health, and Medical-Legal Partnerships


Join the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership and the National HCH Council for a discussion on how medical-legal partnerships can address the civil legal needs of people without homes. Social factors such as unstable housing and unemployment can not only trap individuals in a perpetual cycle of homelessness but also lead to cascading health problems. To truly meet the complex needs of people without homes, health care teams can benefit from legal expertise to help navigate problems that go beyond clinics’ doors.

This webinar complements our recent fact sheet and will feature information on a new Health Care for the Homeless-MLP Learning Collaborative to start in December 2018.


  • Ellen Lawton, JD, National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, The George Washington University, Washington, DC.
  • Darlene M. Jenkins, DrPH, National HCH Council, Nashville, TN

Archived Webinar Video


Webinar: View on YouTube.

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