Medicaid & Managed Care Financing Strategies that Support Medical Respite Care Programs


Medicaid and managed care organizations (MCOs) are increasingly providing financial support for medical respite care programs because they recognize the value of these models of care. This webinar will feature program administrators from two very different medical respite programs who will discuss how they worked together with their Medicaid/MCO partners in support of these programs.

Leadership from UnitedHealthcare Community & State, a national Medicaid MCO, will talk about how they are supporting efforts to strengthen and expand medical respite programs in their markets. Note this discussion complements our issue brief, which includes more examples of Medicaid/MCO financing arrangements.

Bring your questions about how to partner with the Medicaid system and MCOs as well as secure Medicaid and/or MCO funding in return for delivering high-quality medical respite care services, which are now in higher demand due to COVID-19.


  • Rhonda Hauff, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, Yakima, WA
  • Pamela Kerr, Program Director, The Boulevard, Chicago, IL
  • Andrew McMahon, Vice President, Health and Human Services Policy, UnitedHealthcare Community & State


  • Barbara DiPietro, Director of Policy, NIMRC
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