Forsake Me Not: How HCH Providers Can Deliver Better Care to Pregnant Women Experiencing Homelessness

Webinar Slides(PDF)

The HCH model of care is often lauded for its patient-centered, trauma-informed approach to providing a wide range of health and support services to very vulnerable people experiencing homelessness.

The HCH community rightly prides itself on a “whatever-it-takes” approach to engaging clients in care and stabilizing numerous complex conditions. Yet, when faced with a pregnant client, referring out to other community providers is a common approach—especially when serious addictions and mental health conditions are present. We must do better.

This webinar will make the case for prioritizing care for pregnant, vulnerable women; share eye-opening data from recent client surveys; illustrate how provider bias can lead to trauma and poor health outcomes, and outline care models that any HCH program could implement for this population. The discussion will challenge you to view pregnancy as an opportunity to provide HCH care to vulnerable women and to improve outcomes for both mother and child.


  • Deborah Borne, MSW, MD, Medical Director, Transitions Division, San Francisco Health Network, San Francisco Department of Public Health
  • Dana Lazarovitz Thompson, BCLC, Nurse Home Visitor, San Francisco Health Network, San Francisco Department of Public Health; Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health
  • Sharon Thrower, Outreach Specialist, San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team, San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing
  • Moderator: Barbara DiPietro, PhD, Senior Director of Policy, NHCHC
Categories: Clinical Practice, Street Medicine, Street Outreach
Tags: Webinar
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