Housing is Health Care: An In-Depth Look at Denver HCH’s Integrated Model of Care


The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) has been investing in supportive housing since 1990. Since that time, this comprehensive community health center has developed nearly 1,700 units of housing, and is one of the country’s leaders in integrating health care and housing for a vulnerable population.

This webinar will discuss how CCH finances its capital development; how they plan, design, and manage multiple projects simultaneously; how they integrate housing and health care services; and how they include property management staff in a coordinated approach to care. This conversation with members of CCH’s leadership complements our recent policy brief and will include time for audience Q&A.


  • John Parvensky, President & CEO, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
  • Lisa Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
  • Bill Windsor, Chief Real Estate Officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
  • Matt Mollica, Director, Housing Intake and Placement, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver, CO
  • Moderator, Barbara DiPietro, Senior Director of Policy, National HCH Council, Baltimore, MD


Categories: Clinical Practice, Policy and Advocacy, Research and Data
Tags: Webinar
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