Learning Lab: Preventing Suicide – Resources for Assessment, Intervention, and Coping with Loss

A unique partnership between a College of Nursing and a homeless shelter was created to provide onsite medical oversight and coordination of care for individuals experiencing homelessness. Nursing leaders understand that in order to better address social determinants of health and to improve health outcomes among persons who are experiencing homelessness, it is imperative to integrate awareness and hands-on experience to better understand the root of social factors and social justice.

Speakers: Bridie Johnson: Senior Director of Behavioral Health Services, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Lawanda Williams: Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Health Care for the Homeless, Baltimore, MD; Jen Elder: Director, SAMHSA Homeless and Housing Resource Center, Policy Research, Inc; Lynea Seiberlich-Wheeler: Associate Director of Behavioral Health, West County Health Centers

Presentation Materials: 

Categories: Harm Reduction, Severe Mental Illness, Workforce Development and Support
Tags: 2023 National HCH Conference
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