Using Research to Advocate for Housing as a Better Solution

Our workshop team includes a housing researcher, advocate, and consumer who have collaborated on a rigorous evaluation of a supportive housing initiative for over 7 years. Recently we have worked together to provide evidence from the evaluation alongside consumer stories to other practitioners and advocates seeking to make a strong case for housing first as a solution in the face of growing policy efforts to prioritize ineffective “rehab-first” or involuntary treatment approaches. As detailed in the abstract, our workshop will provide key data points and myth-busting evidence others seeking to advance housing as a solution can use for compelling advocacy.

Speakers: Sarah Gillespie, Associate Vice President, Urban Institute; Cathy Alderman, Chief Communications and Public Policy Officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Session Materials:

Categories: Housing and Housing First, Policy and Advocacy, Research and Data
Tags: 2023 National HCH Conference
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