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What Can I Do to End Homelessness?

The National HCH Council encourages homeless service providers, their clients, and others interested in social justice to advocate to help end homelessness—and that includes you! Our Policy Team strives to educate legislators, providers, and the public about the causes and consequences of American homelessness. We structure our work around these policy priorities:

  • Strengthen Current Health Programs
  • Establish a Universal Care Plan
  • Reform the Behavioral Health System
  • Guarantee Affordable Housing
  • Reform the Criminal Justice System

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Take Action NOW!

This August, Congresspeople will take a month-long break from their work in D.C. to spend time in their home states and districts. This is a perfect time to invite your Congressperson to visit your program, speak with them, or attend an event. Recess meetings are great opportunities to keep homelessness, health care, and housing on Congress’s packed agenda!

Take Action: Meet with Your Member

Invite your member to tour your program or meet with them locally. Submit a scheduling request through their website or call the local office—find website and contact info. Here are an example invitation letter and directives for setting up a meeting. Unsure of how to start? Reach out to us for guidance.

Stay Informed with Mobilizer

Find the latest policy news related to homelessness and health care reform and learn how you can take action in our monthly action alert.

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Explore Key Issues

Improve your understanding of critical policy issues in the struggle to end homelessness.

A Word about Funding

The National HCH Council depends on private contributions to carry out most of its policy and advocacy work. Your gift will help allow us to continue this mission. Most of the Council policy and advocacy resources seen here were not developed with government funding.

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