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About the Toolkit

Being a trauma-informed organization is a practice transformation which recognizes the trauma of clients, staff, and the community, and creates an organizational structure that avoids re-traumatization and encourages healing.

The work of becoming a trauma-informed organization is about critically analyzing your policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that you are creating the optimal healing environment.

This toolkit provides resources and tools for organizations to begin the process of assessing their current practices, developing and implementing trauma-informed change strategies, and creating a structure for ongoing trauma-informed evaluation.

Developing Organizational Commitment and Buy-In:

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Understanding Trauma
Managing Organizational Change
Creating Capacity & Structure

Assessing Your Trauma-Informed Policies and Practices:

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Evaluating Readiness for Change
Conducting the NHCHC’s Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessment
Develop Change Strategies
More Resources on Trauma-Informed Organizatrions

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