Conducting the NHCHC’s Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessment

Research: Trauma-Informed Organizations

ToolKit: Conducting the NHCHC’s Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessment

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council developed a four-part component assessment tool to help organizations evaluate their trauma-informed practices using a client survey, staff survey, policy and procedure review, and an observation. 

Being a TI organization is an evolution and on-going commitment to principles, and organizations are encouraged to use this assessment tool at intervals and track progress. The results of the assessment are not intended as a final evaluation of the organization’s trauma-informed status but can be used to better understand current programmatic practices and culture, determine strengths and opportunities for growth, and further dialogue around TI practices.

Results used in conjunction with NHCHC’s TI Organization Change Package can help in developing an organizational change plan.

Organizations are encouraged to develop a TI Committee made of diverse staff members to implement the assessment, analyze the results, and develop change strategies. TI Committee members should review this manual and determine how the organization can implement this assessment in ways that work for the organization.

Prior to conducting the assessment, organizations should evaluate their readiness to engage in a TI change process, develop a proposed timeline, and determine how to measure the impact of changes to evaluate effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

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