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The National Health Care for the Homeless Council regularly provides guidance and perspective to members of the media on critical issues in homelessness and health care. We are the leading voice for Health Care for the Homeless and medical respite/recuperative care, and our staff and membership lay claim to a tremendous wealth of knowledge on topics at the intersection of health care and homelessness.

The Council Media Bureau is a valuable resource connecting journalists with experts in the field. Experts in the Media Bureau represent a broad range of backgrounds and experiences and can provide insight on more than 50 subject areas.

If you are a media representative and would like to learn more about the Council, our work, or our perspective, please contact Communications Manager

Terri Woodmore
Communications Manager
(615) 226-2292 x245

If you are a media representative and would like to learn more about the Council, our work, or our perspective, please contact the Communications Manager

The Council in the News

Read media coverage involving the Council or our research.

Media Releases & statements

View media releases and official statements from the National HCH Council.

Understand Our work

Learn about the Council and our members, the work we do, member benefits, and how you can join us as an Individual, Organizational, or Corporate Affiliate member.

Media Bureau

Connecting journalists with experts in the field

The Councils Publications

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council produces scheduled publications in both PDF and email newsletter format these are distributed at the scheduled time to email address boxes of members but you can find the issue archives below.

Solidarity: Issue and education focused, and includes information such as recommended reading and “In the News” features.
R & R: Highlights webinars and other key events, as well as registrations, resources, and job openings. Clean and concise, designed for quick reading
COVID-19 Flash Blast: A brief synopsis of key issues specific to covid-19 and the HCH delivered twice a month community
Mobilizer Volume 25, No. 10
Mobilizer: a monthly action alert newsletter developed by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s policy and advocacy team.
Respite News: an e-publication of the RCPN highlighting trends, new resources, and learning opportunities of interest to providers, consumers, and advocates of medical respite care.
The Consumer Voice: offers important information on housing and health care topics and shares updates on the work of NCAB and consumer advisory boards across the United States.
Healing Hands: a publication of the HCH Clinicians’ Network, melds scientific knowledge with the experience of clinicians working in Health Care for the Homeless

Multimedia Resources

The Council’s HCH Stories and Visualize Homelessness campaigns offer educational videos and images for media use, public awareness campaigns, social media, and other informational purposes.

HCH Stories is an online video series illuminating the experiences of service providers, consumers, advocates, and administrators involved with Health Care for the Homeless.

Various images to use in educational materials, public awareness campaigns, on social media, and wherever applicable in your work in health care or homelessness.


Our organization does not provide direct service to people experiencing homelessness. If you need health care or other services, please find a health center near you that provides hands-on care.

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