Measure Your Org’s Consumer Engagement Efforts with Our New Assessment Tool

Is your health center effectively engaging consumers? We have a new tool to help you better understand just that!

Patient perspective contributes to the mission to bring equitable, high quality health care to people with lived experience of homelessness, so it’s important to work toward establishing best practices for consumer engagement and leadership. The National Health Care for the Homeless Council created this assessment tool to support health centers in evaluating consumer engagement practices at their organizations.

Who should take the assessment

Those with knowledge of
• organizational governance
• administrative policies and practices
• consumer engagement efforts at their health centers.

After completing the assessment, organizations will receive a summary of their responses, recommendations for valuable consumer engagement practices, and a link to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s technical assistance (TA) form to get connected with consumer engagement TA and training.

The creation of this assessment tool would not have been possible without the National Consumer Advisory Board Steering Committee, whose members invested hours of work and committed their expertise to its development. 👉 Try it now and share it with your team!

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