Learning Collaborative Will Explore Strengthening Screening Processes

Housing screening, which includes questions around consumers’ housing status and immediate related needs, is common within health centers and Medical Respite Care (MRC) settings. Asking questions related to housing is important for tailoring care plans, connecting consumers with crucial services, and improving understanding self-reported needs. Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) health centers and MRC programs often screen for housing insecurity and housing histories, but it remains difficult for many to establish or enact follow-up plans based on these screeners. Furthermore, it can be difficult to adopt housing screening processes that are trauma-informed, ask meaningful questions around housing needs, and include steps that can actually be addressed by the program.

Toward Better Housing Screenings: How Health Centers and Medical Respite Programs Can Strengthen Their Screening Processes

In this 2024 spring Learning Collaborative, we will explore how the housing screening process (from identifying housing status to supporting housing transitions) can be strengthened in HCH and MRC programs. In partnership with National Health Care for the Homeless Council faculty and peers from around the country, participants will identify specific steps they will take to strengthen their program’s efforts. This will include opportunities to share stories, unique challenges, and emerging practices from their prospective communities. Participants in this free Learning Collaborative will also have the option to create community resource guides they can use when supporting consumers with housing transitions.


Accepted LC applicants are asked to attend a total of four 90-minute learning sessions in spring 2024. Meetings will be held over Zoom.

Session 1 March 25 from 1:30-3 p.m. CDT

Session 2 April 8 from 1:30-3 p.m. CDT

Session 3 April 22 from 1:30-3 p.m. CDT

Session 4 May 6 from 1:30-3 p.m. CDT


This Learning Collaborative is open to representatives of Health Centers (Federally Qualified Health Centers or Potential Health Center Grantees) and Medical Respite Care programs.

If you are not one of the above, you may still apply. We’ll review the information you provide and may accept applications as space allows.

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