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S and S – When to Call 911

Prepare for an emergency situation by learning when and how to call 911 from a health center. Explore training and planning strategies that equip health centers for crisis situations. Consider how partnerships can contribute to community safety. Learn to identify and appropriately respond to each type of emergency. Prepare to act in the event of […]

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S and S – The Basics

Safety and security are primary issues for both patients and staff of health care for the homeless health centers. It is important for health center staff to understand foundational factors to consider and discuss in order to increase their own personal safety and support the safety and security of their team members and patients. Take

S and S – The Basics

S and S – Organizational Culture of Safety

This introductory course provides an overview of organizational safety in health care for the homeless (HCH) health centers. The course will define organizational safety and provide an overview of the four components of an organizational culture of safety: leadership, policies and procedures, communication, and staff supports. This course is intended for all staffing levels within

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S and S – Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of life and relationship, but conflict can cause patients and staff to feel vulnerable, threatened, and out of control. How we feel about conflict and how we seek to resolve conflict can have an enormous impact on our ability to engage patients in crisis as well as our co-workers and

S and S – Conflict Resolution

HCH 101

This 11 module course will equip learners with a clear understanding of the context of modern homelessness and its effect on health; detail the core characteristics of Health Care for the Homeless model of care; and explore ways learners can get involved in the movement to end homelessness. Each module is intended to take approximately

HCH 101

Cultural Humility

This workshop will provide an overview of three dimensions of cultural humility and how that applies both individually and institutionally. Learn the difference between cultural competency and cultural humility and different principles of applying cultural humility in your life and work. “Cultural Humility: People, Principles and Practices,” is a 30-minute documentary by San Francisco State

Cultural Humility

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