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A Closer Look

A monthly in-depth look at issues or topics affecting people who are homeless and the broader healthcare for the homeless community

Ballot Measures

Reproductive Health

Kentucky voted against an anti-abortion constitutional amendment that would have stated that there was no right to abortion in the state. Montana voted against criminalizing providers who do not assist a “born alive” infant after an abortion. Vermont, California, and Michigan enshrined abortion rights in their constitution.

Harm Reduction

Health Policy

  • South Dakota voted to expand Medicaid in an outstanding victory for the 40k residents that will be eligible for health insurance starting on July 1, 2023.
  • Oregon’s ballot initiative 111 adds an amendment to the state constitution that would make access to health care a human right. Disappointingly, this is mostly a symbolic gesture.
  • A ballot measure that passed in Arizona targets medical debt collectors who impoverish former patients. Arizona’s Prop. 209 caps the annual interest rate debt collectors can charge at 3% and protects assets like houses, cars, and home furnishings from forced sale. In addition, the percentage of wage garnishment will reduce from 25% of earnings to 10%.

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