Administration’s FY2021 Proposed Federal Budget Violates Human Rights

Administration’s FY2021 Proposed Federal Budget Violates Human Rights

Nashville, TN: The Trump Administration recently released a proposed budget for FY2021 with wide-ranging cuts to Medicaid, housing assistance, food programs, and other services of vital importance to people who are homeless. “People living on the street struggle mightily to survive,” says Bobby Watts, National Health Care for the Homeless Council CEO, “and this budget pushes more people into homelessness and then traps them there.”

Drastic cuts to Medicaid include eliminating the enhanced match to states for the ACA’s expansion population, enacting mandatory work requirements, and renewing calls for changing the program into a block grant. Medicaid covers over half of all patients at Health Care for the Homeless programs and is the most common insurance program for people experiencing homelessness. These cuts would force states to end coverage for millions of people, increase the number of uninsured, and undermine public health goals to address HIV, mental health, addiction, hepatitis C, and maternal health.

At a time when unsheltered homelessness is rising, the Administration’s cuts to HUD’s housing programs exacerbate the problem by reducing funding for housing assistance, eliminating grant programs that provide states with flexible funding for housing, mandating work requirements, and raising rents for poor families. Further, it reduces funding for SNAP (food stamps) and mandates work requirements in exchange for modest food assistance.

“This budget takes away housing, health care, and food from the most vulnerable members of our communities. That’s just unconscionable. This should be considered a violation of human rights,” says Lawanda Williams, LCSW-C, Chair of the Council’s Clinicians Network.

For more detailed information, see our detailed budget analysis and funding chart.


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