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White Bird Clinic

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White Bird Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center that receives funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to provide primary care services in underserved areas. Our priority is to serve people who are unserved, underinsured, disabled, and/or homeless.


White Bird operates a Medical Clinic at 1400 Mill Street, a Dental Clinic at 1415 Pearl Street, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program at 350 E. 11th, a Counseling and Crisis intervention services at 990 W. 7th Ave, and Front Rooms, Counseling and Navigation Services at 341 E. 12th Avenue and at 323 E. 12th Ave.


Ties exist with the entire Eugene human service network, including government, nonprofit, church, and private entities. Health system linkages include hospitals, the health department, specialists, labs, diagnostic services, and professional societies (medical, dental, optometric, and hygienist). The project works cooperatively with local shelters, detox, public safety, and local hospitals. White Bird is a member of Lane County’s mental health, substance abuse, medical, and information/referral systems.


Estimated homeless population: 4,400

Patients served: 5,000

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General Info

Executive Director/CEO

Chris Hecht

Medical Director/CMO

Dana O’Mary

HCH Coordinator/Program Director

Ian Strauss

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Phone Number

(541) 342-8255






Physical Address

341 East 12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

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