Developing an Integrated Healthcare and Housing Facility

This presentation will provide an overview of a new one of a kind, innovative development project that will help to meet the needs of our state’s most vulnerable and underserved communities. The new facility will provide safe, dignified, and quality spaces for people experiencing homelessness to heal and stabilize from medical issues. The facility will provide 75 medical respite beds on the first three floors of the building targeted towards people experiencing homelessness with acute medical or behavioral health conditions who have been hospitalized and cannot safely be discharged to the streetsor shelters. For people experiencing homelessness, recovery “at home” is not an option, and the Recuperative Care Facility helps to rectify this ongoing challenge.

Amenities of the Facility will include a commercial kitchen and dining room, commercial laundry, medical exam suites, and “step-down” hospital beds in semi-private spaces for medical observation. Recuperative Care will be provided for 30 to 45 days, depending on the needs of the patient. During that time, housing counselors will work with these patients to arrange for post-respite supportive housing including at the Housing Development located above the facility.

In addition to recuperative care, the development project is also providing supportive housing above the Recuperative Care Center and will target people experiencing homelessness who are “high utilizers” of emergency rooms and expensive hospital care. The intention of such a project is to reduce avoidable health care costs through on-site supportive services and linkage to ongoing integrated care at the adjacent health center.

This new Housing Development project features 81 one-bedroom apartments and 17 studio apartments with full bathrooms and kitchens, a business center, case management and counseling services, bike storage, laundry facilities, a community room with kitchen, and a fourth-floor terrace. Architectural services for the mixed-use project mimic market rate housing in the neighborhood, Construction of the project was completed in October 2022.

Residents will receive individualized support through case management in order to create a stable environment and to keep those who were once homeless in housing. On-site staff will provide or assist residents in obtaining any medical care, behavioral health care or substance treatment services through the adjacent Health Center, as well as peer support, and job training.their role in this historic victory.

Speakers: Lisa Thompson: Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Miriah Nunnaley: Director of Recuperative Care, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Jennifer Cloud: Chief Real Estate Officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

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Tags: 2023 National HCH Conference
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