Building a Data Bridge Between the Healthcare and Homeless Response System

This workshop session will explain a new innovative and promising practice created to improve services to the homeless. This approach is relevant to a very real, current issue. Homeless service providers do not have a clear picture of their client’s health history e.g. visits to the emergency room or to a mental health provider. Health plan workers often know little about their clients housing status.

This session will explain two new data matching projects that will present homeless service providers a clearer picture as they prioritize very limited housing resources for the most vulnerable. It also provides an opportunity to consider agency policies for the exchange of data to improve health and housing.

The first project is the Homeless Vulnerability Indicator in Care Connect360 (CC360). The CC360 platform is a system used by Medicaid Health Plan and Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan workers and managers to record and track the health information of their members. With the Homeless Vulnerability Indicator, they will now be able to see when one of their members is facing homelessness. A specified homeless agency contact will be provided to ensure the facilitation of collaboration for the benefit of the member.

The second data project is the Medical Fragility Score. This score gives homeless service agencies and their Housing Case Managers limited access to the CC360 system. Once the Medical Fragility Score is put into CC360, it will give Housing Case Managers an indicator of the level of health issues a homeless individual is dealing with. Participants will learn how these initiatives work, what the process includes, how they may assist in their work, and steps for implementation and replication.

Speakers: Shawn Baker: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Paula Kaiser Van Dam: Director, Bureau of Community Services, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Lynn Hendges: Manager — Housing & Homeless Services, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

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Categories: Healthcare and Homelessness Partnerships, Research and Data, Social Determinants of Health
Tags: 2023 National HCH Conference
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