Leadership Summit on Homelessness & Health Care

“Of all the meetings that I attend throughout the year, the Leadership Summit on Homelessness & Health Care is the most beneficial to me. As a Governing Member, not only do I have input into the strategic direction of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, but I have the opportunity to get to know Council staff and other Governing Members. The Leadership Summit allows ample time for people to get to know one another, so that when I have a question or challenge, I feel comfortable reaching out to colleagues for advice based on their own experience. My admiration for Council staff and Governing Members truly knows no bounds.” Frances Isbell, Houston, TX

“For me, the Council’s Summit is, from a spiritual and vocational standpoint, a real high point of the year. Renewed for the work ahead, and reminded of why our work of social justice is so crucial in the first place, the weekend has a “time out of time” or Sabbath-like quality for me. I wouldn’t miss it.” Bill Friskics-Warren, Nashville, TN

“The Leadership Summit is so important to me because it is yet another opportunity for me to be involved in the conversation of homelessness. It’s an opportunity to network and fellowship with colleagues who are doing similar work across the country. We are all in this together and sometimes it’s hard fighting through barriers, but the Summit helps me through fellowship with people who get it.” Brandon Cook, Greenville, SC

This is what Council members have to say about the Leadership Summit on Homelessness & Health Care, commonly known as the Fall Summit. It is one of two annual in-person meetings of the Governing Membership (composed of Organizational Member Representatives and other elected officials) gathered for strategic planning, leadership development, and mutual support. 

This is an invitation-only event that situates you in a room with Health Care for the Homeless leaders from programs of all sizes and contexts, in addition to other key stakeholders in the national movement to end homelessness. You will both contribute your own perspective to strategy discussions and learn from the achievements of your colleagues in a room where solidarity is palpable.

If your organization is not a member but would like to participate in this unparalleled homeless health care strategy meeting, you can learn about membership here. Contact us with any questions.

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