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I.M. Sulzbacher Health Care for the Homeless

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Financial hardship is no longer a reason to be without quality health care. The Sulzbacher Downtown and Beaches Clinics, both with a level 2 Medical Home designation, offer integrated medical, dental and behavioral health services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care.


• Primary Care
• Behavioral Health
• Dental
• Medication Assistance
• Medical Outreach
• Medical Respite
• Vision

Primary Care
Our Primary Care Clinics provide comprehensive medical assessments and treatment. Services include (but are not limited to) management of acute and chronic conditions such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and emphysema/bronchitis. We also offer optometry services, including free and low-cost glasses to eligible patients. Other services include flu vaccinations, health/nutritional education, HIV/AIDS screening/education, immunizations, labs, STD testing and referrals to specialty care. Our patients also benefit from the availability of case management services.

Behavioral Health
Even though mental health is just as important as physical health for a person’s overall well-being, access to mental and behavioral health resources is often challenging. This challenge becomes even greater for those who are homeless. Our behavioral health clinicians provide assessments and psychiatric counseling services, including individualized treatment plans, medication management, and substance abuse (in partnership with River Region Human Services).

Research confirms that untreated dental conditions are not only a significant problem for many homeless men and women, but are also key indicators of other potentially serious health problems. The Sulzbacher Clinics provide comprehensive dental services to homeless individuals for a nominal fee as well as accepting a limited number of Medicaid patients. We provide an array of oral health care services for adults and children, including (but not limited to) filings, periodontal therapy, bridges, crowns, dentures and oral surgery.

Medication Assistance
The Sulzbacher Clinics operate dispensaries, providing low cost medications in a convenient setting for patients seen by our healthcare professionals. We also participate in Prescription Assistance Programs to help our patients who meet the required guidelines access medications free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost. NOTE: We do not prescribe or dispense controlled substances.

Medical Outreach
A critical factor in the success of the Sulzbacher Clinics is the Sulzbacher Homeless Outreach Project Expansion (HOPE) medical outreach program. The program utilizes trained medical outreach specialists to engage individuals who are living on the street. Clinical staff travels with the van to provide health and psychiatric services. The HOPE Teams also distribute clothing, blankets, food, water, and basic hygiene items to the homeless. We currently operate two medical HOPE vans. One works with the Sulzbacher Beaches Clinic and serves beach communities such as Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. A second HOPE team serves the greater downtown area with the Sulzbacher Downtown Clinic.

Medical Respite
Medical respite programs serve people experiencing homelessness who are ready to be discharged from a hospital but too frail to recover on the streets or in shelters. The goal of respite care is to stabilize a homeless patient’s medical condition so that they can transition safely to self-care. To further address the complex health issues facing homeless persons following hospital discharge, the Sulzbacher Center added a 20-bed Medical Respite facility at the downtown campus; it operates as a short-term transitional unit where patients who meet admission criteria are provided medical management and supportive care during the final stages of recovery from illness or surgery.

We now have a full-time optometrist for eye-exams and glasses.


Estimated homeless population: 20,000

Patients served: 6,500

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